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A Starhunter Community

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The Starhunter Community for LiveJournal!!
All about Starhunter!

Feel free to join, it's open to anyone and everyone.

Important announcements or posts with things of interest to everybody are usually
automatically added into the memories section.

The only other thing you need to know is that magicfaye is your current mod.

Starhunter takes place in the future on a ship called the Trans Utopian(AKA The Tulip). The Trans U used to be a luxury liner that a bounty-hunting crew now use. There are parts of the ship that have not been used in a long time such as the Ball Room. The ship is so old that Percy seems to be constantly fixing something or other, and the crew is always in need of new parts to replace the older ones in order to keep everything in working order. A lot of what Percy has done to keep it running is actually illegal, but that never stops her.

The first season starts off in the year 2275, while the second season starts in the year 2300. There is often confusion as to how this is possible, considering that Percy was in Hyperspace for 15 years... It is important to note that at some point during the episode 'A Twist in Time', they are sent ahead to the year 2286.

Caravaggio said: "12:35, September the 13th, 2286 corrected Jovian time; negative offset of seventeen minutes, 23.347 seconds by our curve."

Rudolpho doesn't know where they are, as said in the 'incoming transmission' at the beginning of the episode. They were missing for quite a long time, and they simply dropped off the radar without warning.

Throughout the season, Caravaggio is the ship's A.I.. However, in the second season his systems are upgraded, and his overall appearance does as well.

The Raiders are a huge group of people that started off with a group of genetically enhanced soldiers. Since they aren't able to reproduce, they go around abducting children to make their numbers grow. They prefer abducting younger boys to train them and have them take over certain Raider Clans.

The Divinity Cluster is an alien gene thought to be planted into the human race long ago for purposes beyond comprehension. Certain humans(usually scientists and geneticists) are able to unlock those specific genes, and they develop amazing powers including the ability to reach Hyperspace by themselves. However, those who unlock the alien genes completely usually disappear for good. Eccleston was able to return for a short while before disappearing completely.


Important Characters:
Dante Montana
Percy Montana
Penny Montana
Lucretia Scott
Rudolpho DeLuna

Dante is the captain of the Tulip, and also a bounty hunter(which allows him to search for his son). The single most important mission in his life is to find his son Travis who was taken away by the Raiders. His wife also died. He loathes the Raiders. Every single one of them. He hopes one day to re-unite with his long lost son. He's employed by Rudolpho DeLuna.

Percy is the ship's engineer. She's got a knack for it, and does it very well. If something breaks down, Percy's the one to fix it. She is also Dante's niece. Her parents were killed when the Raiders attacked their home-world(making her an orphan), at the same time that her cousin, Travis, was taken away. Dante is a parental figure in her life. Without warning, Percy's feminine side comes out when around certain guys(such as the prisoners that end up in the brig of the Tulip), and she suddenly develops crushes on them. On more than one occasion it's gotten her into trouble or left her with absolutely nothing in the end.

Lucretia (Luc) Scott is also a Bounty Hunter on the Tulip. She has hidden agendas that she doesn't share with the rest of the crew, often leading them to be suspicious of her sudden actions that make no sense. Her father is Darius, an important person in an organization called The Orchard. Luc works for him quite often, and contacts him in secret for more information.

Penny is Dante's wife. She died during the attack by the Raiders, and Dante managed to trap part of her in a special chip that allows him to see her using certain technology. Whenever he sees her, her only concerns are for her son, Travis. Percy once used the same technology to see her, but can't remember.

Rudolpho DeLuna employed both Dante and Luc to work for him on the Tulip(which he owns). He's usually quiteangry at Dante for not paying him enough credits or other such things, and at the beginning of each show he sends Dante a message regarding different things that are going on.

Darius, Luc's father, is head of the semi-secret organization called The Orchard. Sometimes he pulls strings so that the ship that Luc is on has something to do with the Divinity Cluster, which makes it easier for him to control the situation.

Eccleston is a geneticist that unlocks the Divinity Cluster within himself. The crew of the Tulip are supposed to take him into custody, but there are certain obstacles in the way of keeping him there.


Important Characters:
Travis Montana
Percy Montana
Callista (Callie) Larkadia
Marcus Fegan
Rudolpho DeLuna
Serena DeLuna

Travis Montana heads up the new crew of the Tulip. Nobody argues with his decision(except for an unconvinced Percy, who doesn't believe that he is her long-lost cousin). He's a former raider and now a Bounty Hunter. He always has his father in the back of his mind, but finding Dante isn't the biggest reason for what he does.

Percy Montana emerges after fifteen years from Hyperspace in the Tulip. She's more mature in the second season, and she no longer has the red and blue dye in her hair(which is shorter).

Callista (Callie) Larkadia used to be a member of the Mars Federations special forces, but after certain incidents, she left and became a Bounty Hunter. Travis and Callie are sometimes put into awkard situations with one another, and they obviously have feelings for each other.

Marcus Fegan is a mechanic, and he's pretty good at it. Marcus helps Percy keep the ship running. He used to be a Raider until Travis saved him in a bar fight. He can be a rebel at times.

Rudolpho DeLuna takes up a position on the Tulip as part-owner, and actually becomes a bounty hunter, instead of directing them(because of a lack of credits(money)). He forms a friendship with Marcus and the rest of the crew.

Main Cast (Aplhabetical Order) (for both season 1 & 2)

Claudette Roche................Lucretia Scott
Clive Robertson................Travis Montana
Dawn Stern....................Callie Larkadia
Graham Harley...................Caravaggio(S2)
Michael Paré....................Dante Montana
Murray Melvin...................Caravaggio(S1)
Paul Fox.........................Marcus Fegan
Tanya Allen.....................Percy Montana
Stephen Marcus................Rudolpho DeLuna

If you're new, and you'd like to introduce yourself, go right ahead! Here are some suggestions for what you could include in your post(they're all completely optional):

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You can include pretty much anything you'd like to, so be creative!

Quotes*: Some quotes from the show can be found here under the 'other' section.
Actors/Actresses**: A list of actors and actresses can be found by checking out imdb.com and searching for Starhunter.

There aren't very many rules, but the ones that do exist should be followed at all times.

++Please be courteous, friendly and respectful of your fellow members.

++Posting pretty much anything is allowed, but remember that people of all ages can see your posts, so make sure that anything that may have bad language/swearing or content PG-13+ is put behind an LJ-CUT.

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++Have fun! ;D

You will be warned up to three times if you don't follow the rules. After the third time, if you break one or more of the rules, you will be banned from this community unless you can provide us with a decent explanation(or at least ten reasons why you should not be banned -- sent to magickfaye@gmail.com with the subject line 'Ban' and reasons in the body of the message).

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A Starhunter Rating community is in the making, watch out for the link to that. So far all we know is that it probably won't start up until it gets at least 10 members.

One more thing: this community is made by/run by a fan of the show. We are in no way affiliated with those who made the show possible. This community is for entertainment/educational purposes only. :)

Starhunter is distributed by Western International Syndication.

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