Sarah-bear (magicfaye) wrote in starhuntertv,

FanFiction Problems/Community Update

I'm having a problem with writing the next chapter of 'The Pain Inside the Electrical Storm.' If anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate it! Anyway, I have a question for all of you ... are there any characters that you could see returning to the show from the past? Otherwise I'll continue with my original idea, but it may seem a little farfetched(because of my lack of ideas). Thanks.


I'm slowly updating the look of this community. If there was a certain colour that anybody wanted in particular to be added somehow to the layout... I could see what could be done. I may change it to a more space age look(which may be black, greys, silver colours, dark colours, etc.), but if anyone's against it, I'll keep it the way it is and just work on updating the style of everything(Make it a little better looking and more well-kept).

If no one has any ideas for the fanfic I'm writing, then expect an update either tomorrow morning or sometime during the day(I may be delayed because of my going out tomorrow). Sorry if that bothers anyone.
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