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The Pain Inside the Electrical Storm

YAY! It's my birthday, so I'm extremely excited! :D
And in celebration.. Another chapter!

The Pain Inside the Electrical Storm

Chapter Five - Confrontations


Back on the Tulip, things had come to nearly a standstill. Nothing had to be done anymore, and the crew was growing quite restless. Especially their captain, who had been sitting in the same position in the same chair for the past four hours.

"Marcus, how's the reactor core?" Travis shifted his position slightly so that he could see Marcus out of the corner of his eye.

"It'll hold out." Marcus replied in a bored voice as he tapped a metallic cup against the table. "The whole bloody ship'll hold out. For now."

"Weapons are at ready if any problems should pop up." Callie spun around in her chair, and pointed to the console that was lit behind her.

"And the weapons locker is unlocked in case we have any trouble." Rudolpho gestured back to the neatly hung up weapons in the locker. He took a spoonful of noodles from a large bowl in front of himself, and shoved it in his mouth.

"What to we do now?" Marcus broke the dead silence with the one question that lingered in the back of each and every one of their minds. Only Callie answered him.

"Now we wait."


"Let me out of here!" Percy's voice echoed out through the dimly lit cargo bay area. It had been converted into a brig. And Percy was stuck in one, like a cage. She leaned her head back against the cold, hard bars, and let a sigh escape her dry lips. "Damned Raiders."

She banged her head against the bars before she opened her mouth again. "Filthy Raiders." She continued to bang her head against the bars until a voice in the shadows broke through her thoughts.

"Keep doing that and you'll have one nasty head ache in a few hours." The voice seemed to be bargaining with her. But the hoarseness of it gave away the name of the bodiless voice. Pheonix Four.

"What do you want with me." Percy leaned forward suddenly, scanning the darkness, trying to figure out where he was.

"We don't want you, Percy Montana." Suddenly an old man stepped out from the shadows, and into the dimly lit area around the tiny prison that held Percy.

"Then what do you want? If you didn't want me I wouldn't be here, now, would I?" She bit at the inside of her cheek, and awaited a response from the old Raider.

"Oh, but we don't want you, Percy, we want something else. We want peace. And we're using you to get it." He grinned, and Percy looked down at her hands. She didn't feel like staring at his dirty mouth any more.

"Raiders don't want peace. All you do is create more problems for everybody else." Memories suddenly filled her mind, and a feeling of anger rose in the back of her mind. She could recall people panicking, people disappearing, and a terrified young girl hiding as her parents were killed. Percy recognized herself almost immediately. When she looked back up at Pheonix Four, she glared.

"Oh, but we do want peace. And everything we do now is in the best interest of the future, Miss Montana. You can't understand that now, but in time you will. In time..." Pheonix Four smirked and walked forward and leaned against the bars at the very front of the brig. At that exact moment, someone contacted him via a com link.

"Captain, they're here. Shall I deploy the energy field dampeners?" The voice seemed almost mechanical, but Percy could tell that it wasn't an AI.

"Very well. I'm on my way. And I'm bringing our guest a long for the show." He grinned suddenly as he fiddled with the security pad that held the prison's doors shut. A few beeps later, and Percy was no longer staring at Pheonix Four from behind the bars. He grabbed her arm suddenly. Naturally she tried to pull away.

"What're you doing? Let go!" She pulled harder, but his grip was far too tight, and her arm was beginning to tingle from loss of blood circulation.

"I don't think so. Come now, Percy, enjoy your stay with us. We aren't that bad." Percy decided to bite back any nasty comments she had, and allowed the old man to pull her down several corridors until they finally reached the bridge. It was definitely a tiny bridge. And Percy felt as though she had known bridges that were even bigger. She frowned as she struggled to remember. But only flashes of people's faces entered her mind. She shut here eyes tight for a for seconds until she felt that the grip around her arm had loosened incredibly. When she looked down, she was no longer being held. Instead, a different man stood at her side with a gun pointed to her head. She swallowed, and stared over at the view screen. A large ship was floating in space. It looked too familiar.

"They're hailing, Captain."

"All right, let's see what they have to say for themselves." The tone of Pheonix's voice made Percy slightly suspicious, but she didn't say anything. She was a little too nervous because of the gun pointed at her head.

The view screen changed to a black-haired man's head. Percy frowned, and came to a sudden realization. It was one of the faces that she had kept seeing. But she couldn't remember him.

"Ah, Travis Montana,-" Percy tensed at the mention of her last name, and wondered if she somehow used to know this man, but she kept listening to what Pheonix had to say, "-what business have you here in Raider territory?"

"We're here to arrest you, Pheonix Four." Travis smirked. Percy kept staring at his eyes. "And if you attempt to escape, we will fire on your ship."

Pheonix looked down at his tactical officer, who nodded about the weapons, but Pheonix Four kept his smile on his face, and he turned his attention back to the screen.

"But I don't think you'll be wanting to do that. Firing on us would be a waste of your time. And I'm sure you wouldn't want to endanger this young lady." Pheonix nodded his head to one side, and the man with the gun to Percy's head shoved her into Travis's view, along with the gun still pointed to her head.

"Percy..." A look of pure shock found its way to Travis's face, and his jaw dropped. "But I thought..."

Percy looked at him curiously, then back to Pheonix, a look of confusion on her face. She wasn't sure what to think any more.

"You wouldn't."

"Watch me." Pheonix turned to the man holding the gun, and opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by Travis.

"Okay! Okay, how about we make a deal with you. Let her go free and we'll let you go." Travis was frowning, as if it meant a lot to be doing such a thing. He seemed to be trying not to go against what he was saying.

"That's not good enough. How about be let her go free if you allow us safe passage from here and give us a few supplies that we need as well." He smirked.

"No, look, we can't do that, we're Bounty Hunters, Pheonix Four, not bargainers." He opened his mouth to say something else, but the view screen cut off and Pheonix let out a laugh.

"Did you see his face, Dimitri? Priceless. Your information turned out to be correct after all." He sighed, still smiling.

"What information." Percy inched away from the gun that was still aimed at her head, and glanced over at Pheonix.

"On who you are. All we needed was your name. And we know everything about you now, Percy Montana. Everything." He turned to Dimitri, his tactical officer, again and sighed. "Deploy it now. Let's get it over with, shall we? Then we can get out of here and be rid of the brat."

"Brat?? I am not a-" She was cut off as she felt the tip of the gun press itself lightly against the side of her head. He shut her mouth, and stopped moving altogether. She watched the screen, and was confused when she saw a tiny little circular piece of metal make its way towards the bigger ship. A huge, blinding light erupted from a tiny blue button on the side of it, and it directed itself at the large ship. Percy felt intrigued, but also felt a knot form in her stomach. "What are you doing to them?!?"

"Oh nothing to them. But their ship... That's a different matter entirely. All of the energy has been drained from their entire ship. Nothing left. I bet the oxygen they're breathing will only last a very short time, indeed." Pheonix grinned again. "Come, we have business to attend to, now." He gestured to everyone on the bridge. They all left, dragging Percy along with them, but dropped her off back in the brig, leaving her completely alone in the ship, aside from a few engineers and children.

It took them less than ten minutes to suit up into their space suits and turn on their oxygen, and only a few minutes to reach the Tulip that was drifting helplessly in space alongside the Martiza.
When they arrived on the Tulip, they each spread out in teams of three, making only four teams for the entire ship.

"Remember, we're here to take whatever's of value or worth anything at all. Leave the crew. But if they get in your way..." He laughed psychotically. "Kill them." They all nodded, and left to go in separate directions.


Back on the Tulip, the crew was in slight chaos. Marcus was running around trying to figure out what had happened, but in the dark it was extremely hard to do so, and with less oxygen making its way to his brain, it was even harder.
"Calm down, Marcus. We'll figure out what's happening. But first, we take a tour of the ship. I don't think we're alone anymore." Travis took a few guns from the weapons locker, along with Callie and Rudolpho, and the trio left the bridge together. Marcus left a few minutes later, and headed down to the Reactor Core. He was going to get down to the bottom of things if it meant he had to do it himself.

"Damn Raiders. I swear, if I find out that they did this-" He stopped abruptly when he noticed three people in suits staring at him with guns pointed in his direction. He froze. "Uh, hello. Welcome to the-"

"Shut up. Get out of our way! Don't make us shoot you, Marcus!" One of them took a step forward, and Marcus gasped when he realised that it was one of the people he had known when he was younger. But they...

"But you..."

"Died? Yeah right. I'm a Raider now, Marcus. Don't mess with me. I know you." Marcus put his hands in the air, and backed up. The three passed by him, still pointing their guns at him, all the way until they were out of site.

"Bloody hell..." Marcus backed up, staring around at everything wildly. Finally he broke out into a run and headed down to the Reactor Core. "Bloody hell..." He mumbled again when he noticed how dark everything was in the Reactor Core. He kicked the machine with all his force, and bit back a cry of pain. He had forgotten the newly formed bruise that had made itself appear on his right foot. He looked around at everything, straining his eyes to notice anything. Anything at all. He sighed in frustration."I don't even think Percy would be able to fix this."


Percy was completely alone in the cargo bay. She was humming softly to herself, and rubbing her arms to keep herself warm. After a moment she realised that in her boots she had kept tiny metallic tools in case she had ever needed them.

"Oh, that can be good..." She mumbled as she pulled off her shoe, pulled out a tiny package, and stood up. She dropped her shoe to the ground, and slipped her arms through the bars of the tiny prison. Luckily her hands reached to the pad that kept the whole thing locked, and she pulled with all her force until the pad part pulled off, only kept in place by the many wires that were there. She took one of the pieces of metal, and pulled at several of the wires. A shock made its way through her arm, but she ignored it. She took the piece of metal, slipped it through the bars, and fiddled with part of the locking mechanism until a few beeps erupted from it, and the door unlocked. She grinned to herself. "A job well done."

She placed the metal back in her shoe, put her shoe back one, and gave herself a pat on the back for a job well done.

"Good job, Percy, good job." She grinned psychotically, and skipped all the way out of the cargo bay and down several hallways. She hid around one of the corners as one man walked by slowly, holding a child's hand. When they were out of sight she was about to continue her escape, but a hound found its way to her mouth, and she was pulled backwards and into the grip of a mysterious person. She was pulled into a room several feet away, and thrown onto the floor.

She looked up, and gasped. "You..."


WOO! YAY! Sorry for the long wait(ha ha ha, I don't think anyone ever reads this much anyway, so... Oh well)

Sorry for any mistakes!

Goodnight All!
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