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Fanfiction: The Pain Inside The Electrical Storm

Chapter Three! Yep, you get it first, people! Well, unless no one sees this. Than perhaps not. :)

The Pain Inside The Electrical Storm

Chapter 3 - Pheonix Four

"Marcus, are those repairs finished yet?" Travis's voice boomed out over the com, and Marcus sighed in frustration as he dropped the PAD he had been holding.

"No, obviously I haven't finished since the last time you called, fifteen minutes ago." His voice sounded quite irritated when it met Travis's ears, who shrugged, and held up his hands.

"Alright, just checking. But we do need the reactor core back up within at least two hours or less." Travis turned off the com before Marcus could say anything else, a little scared that he might say something else to frustrate the boy. After all, he was the most qualified engineer on the ship.

Marcus picked up the PAD and tapped it a few times before he threw it at the metallic wall as hard as he could. He sunk to the ground, and passed his hands over his head a few times.

"Why the hell won't you just start up, already, eh? What did Percy do that I didn't?!?" Marcus cried out in frustration and kicked the panelled wall with all his force. There was a low hum, some sort of vibration occurred after the contact between his feet and the core, then a few lights on the side of the core lit up, and there was a faint beeping sound from somewhere behind it. Marcus's face brightened considerably, and he smiled.

"Now, that's more like it!" He jumped up to his feet and dusted his hands off on his shirt, a satisfied smile on his face as he called out to Travis with the good news.


Deep in the vast emptiness of the unexplored region of space was a small shuttle. It was small enough to be a nuisance, but big enough to fit its single occupant and their belongings.

There sat one human in the pilot's chair, a girl. Her eyes held more troubles than most other pairs of dark brown eyes ever really did. She frowned, and rubbed her eyes, wiping the sleep away from them. On her wrist was a brown arm bracer. Once connected to quite a large bounty ship, it was now connected to a very small shuttlecraft.

She brushed a few of her short brown bangs from her face, and pursed her lips as she gazed out of the view screen, and towards a huge, endless group of stars, planets, and nebulas as far as her eyes could see. She sighed sadly, and leaned back in the chair to stretch out her arms and legs to their full lengths.

She wore a short, black leather jacket overtop a snow-white tank top, and a shimmering pair of black pants. Her name: Percy Montana. Perhaps she had forgotten that name the day she left her former ship. Perhaps not.

She chewed the inside of her lip for a moment as she stared down at the shuttle controls that were staring back at her with their multi-colored, multi-shaped lights. She then closed her eyes, and scratched the side of her head in thought.

She didn't know the last time she had seen another human being, another familiar face... She couldn't recall how long it had been since she'd left, how long she'd been out in open space, drifting about with nowhere to go. What she did know was that something had pushed her to her limits, and she had left someone behind, perhaps several people, to go in search of someone else. She hit the side of her head with her right arm as she struggled to remember.

Percy could only remember bits and pieces of her life before. Only flashes of people's faces, words, strange names... It confused her to the point where she would bang her head against the inner bulkhead of the shuttle until she either wore herself out, passed out, or found something else to do or occupy her thoughts.

She could also recall the number to her account with a full supply of credits, from where she didn't know, nor from when. She broke out of her thoughts when she was thrown from her hair, and landed on her stomach on the ground just beside it.

"What the hell..." She whined as she got back up to her feet and collapsed into the seat once more. When she looked out at the universe before her, she saw that she was no longer alone in the vast expanse. There were several small ships firing down at her.

Her fingers danced along the console as she tried desperately to send them a message, hail them, or catch their attention in any way to try to stop their attack.

Before she could do anything more, there was a huge explosion, and the shuttle was crushed as it exploded all around her. Her vision went black before she could even react in the slightest way.


"Damnit..." Marcus kicked the door leading to the bridge, and frowned when it finally opened. Travis was sitting on the captain's chair in what looked like a quite comfortable position, his back leaning against the corner of the opposite side. Callie was sitting down at the table not too far away, across from Rudolpho, who was trying very hard to open one of the coffee bean containers.

"We're on our way to another bounty, only this time it's a bigger price." Travis stated when he noticed Marcus had walked passed him. He only shrugged, and sat down beside Callie and Rudolpho, his back to Travis.

"It's one of the raiders." He added, which tweaked Marcus's interest in the matter, and he turned around a little so he could glance back at Travis.

"Oh. Really." Marcus shook his head, and turned back around.

"Well we should be there within the hour, it's in a part of space that we haven't been to yet. Or at least I don't think so." Travis frowned, and wiped the sleep out of his eyes.

"What's this one wanted for?" Marcus asked with obvious disinterest in his voice. He folded his arms against his chest as he awaited the answer from their captain.

"No one knows his real name. He goes by the name 'Pheonix Four' in one of the Raider sanctions." Travis sighed. "He seems to like doing the actual 'raiding' for the Raiders, stealing things from unarmed crafts, kidnapping young children, killing their parents... You know, that sort of thing." Everyone shook their head in disgust.

"I'd pity anyone who crosses paths with that one, then, eh mate?" Rudolpho said as a sort of joke. No one laughed.

"Well it looked as though we'll be crossing paths with him. So I guess we should pity ourselves, then." Travis stared out of the window separating him from the gravity of space.

"I pity the fool who tries to steal anything from this ship." Marcus said with a laugh as he closed his eyes. "There's nothing of real value here, anyway."

"And we're armed." Callie added with a shake of her head. With that, everyone lapsed into silence as they drifted away into their own train of thoughts. The silence was actually welcoming to most of them. They had become accustomed to it since their crew mate's departure.


This chapter, I think, starts to get a little more into the plot. I really hope that I can make this story very long, with a better plot than I have right now! ^_^

~Sarah Harvey~
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