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Reasons/Friends Only Banner

I've been very busy this past while, and so I've not been able to post the next chapter to 'The Pain Inside the Electrical Storm' but I will in due time(as soon as I get enough time : (  ).

Anyway, I was just randomly making pictures in Photoshop, and I decided to try my hand at a friends only banner for none other than Starhunter! It's not bad, if I say so myself. But this is only an example, and can't be used by anyone without permission(Also, it has my lj username on it... but if you reall like it enough, I could customize one for you(it would be slightly different).). I may try to make another starhunter one sometime soon, but I'm not sure because I'm so busy.

Good? Bad? Okay? Excellent? Well I sure hope it looks good! My computer screen is burning out, so it probably doesn't look as great as it should.

I'll try to post the store sometime within the next two weeks(I'll force myself to write two chapters if I don't write one in two weeks.)

: )
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