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Fanfiction: The Pain Inside the Electrical Storm

Yes, yes, yes. I've given in. In hopes of having more people visit my community, I'm letting this chapter slip through my fingers. I haven't even posted up chapter 3 yet on So, as promised, you get to read it first{it is kind of short! Sorry! But MORE PLOT in this one!}.
Comment appreciated, any at all!!

The Pain Inside the Electrical Storm

Chapter 4 - Encounters

Pain, that's all that Percy was really aware of. That, and the low murmurs and whispers from several voices that seemed to be hovering somewhere above her. She struggled to open her eyes, but they were too heavy. So she stuck with lying still, and listened to the words that were being said around her. They were distant at first, but with a few moments of relaxing, she could understand them perfectly.

"Well who the hell is she, then?" A man's voice, a young man's voice by the sound of it, cried out suddenly in a strange accent.

"Patience, we will question her later, Dimitri." An old man's voice cut through the whispers of agreement from all around her.

"She's too young to be kept here! She would probably resist too much to our ways!" A voice from somewhere behind her spoke quietly but clearly nonetheless.

"She could be useful. Supposing she has family or friends that would do anything to get her back?" The first voice spoke again, a little more calmly than before.

"A bargaining chip? Yes, a good idea, but there is a chance that she will bring more trouble to our ship should we try to bargain her away." The man spoke again. Percy was outraged. They were probably talking about her, like she was an object. A possession. Well, she most certainly was not!

Percy forced her eyes open, ignoring the pain, and looked around. She adjusted her eyesight to the dimly lit ship around her just as an old man stepped out of the shadows to her right, and smirked down at her.

"Awake now, are we?" He chuckled with his hoarse voice, and coughed a few times before he continued. "Good, good, good." Percy finally got a good look at his face, and she suppressed a gasp of shock. He had messy and graying shoulder-length hair, piercing ice blue eyes, and a jagged scar that ran down from just passed the tip of his right eye, across his crooked nose, and all the way down to above the left corner of his mouth.

"What is your name?" A man just behind the older man with the scar demanded with his slight Russian accent. Percy concluded that he must've been Dimitri.

"Montana. Percy Montana. What's it to you?" She questioned with hatred in her voice. She had also noticed that the two were wearing black leather trench coats with Raider emblems on the front of each one.

"it's a lot to us, Percy, darling." The old man grinned, revealing his many crooked and yellow-stained teeth. Several of which were missing or had been replaced with dirty silver fillings. "Welcome to the 'Martiza,' Miss Percy Montana. My name's Pheonix Four."


WOO! Yay! It took me only a short while to type this up, but I've been holding up everything else to finish the typing. I mean everything. Even people talking to me, music, pop ups, strange noises coming from dark corners of my house, and even bathroom breaks. Yes, even those.

^_^ I hope you enjoyed this chapter, it's the last I'll be posting in this community for a few days or so. I still need to write another chapter. ^_^

Sorry for mistakes, I was in a hurry. :)

~Sarah Harvey~
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